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Today, we'll show you how to receive a Zong loan if you've run out of balance. Zong, commonly known as "China Mobile Pakistan" (CMPak), is wholly owned by "China Mobile Communications Corporation." It provides wonderful call and SMS bundles for consumers to deliver the service at low pricing. The organization goes out of its way to help its consumers in whatever manner it can. As a result, it also provides you with a Zong loan in case of an emergency. This page will teach you about Zong Advance Code 2022.

Today, we'll look at how you may get a Zong Advance Balance, sometimes known as a loan or a rescue service if you run out of credit. Zong receives the "Pakistan Telecommunications Authority's" service award of "No.1 Operator in voice and data services" attests to high-performance standards (PTA).

Zong has approximately 26 million users and a market share of up to 20%. Currently, 4G coverage extends to over 100 cities in Pakistan, with the number growing by the day. It intends to offer 4G LTE services to additional regions of Pakistan in order to give consumers a quicker, broader, and richer data quality experience.

Zong Advance Balance Code Procedure

To get a Zong advance balance, you should have less than Rs. 5 in your account and have recharged your account in the past 30 days in order to repay the loan to Zong. This Zong Advance Balance may be obtained by following the steps below:

  • Send a blank SMS to 911 or put "Rescue" in SMS and send it to 911 or dial *911#, and you will get advance credit on your account within a few seconds.
  • You may acquire a Rs. 25 loan with this service.

Term and Conditions

The Zong advance balance is limited to Rs. 50. It implies you can't acquire more than Rs. 50 as an advance load, even if you've spent more than Rs. 1000 of your Zong balance in the previous month.

The service costs you Rs. 3.50, which means if you get Rs. 25 of Zong Advance then Rs. 28.5 would be debited at the time of recharging.

Important Note

It is crucial to remember that the Zong Advance balance option is only available to pre-paid customers. This service is not available to post-paid customers.

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